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Browser Extensions for TeamPasswordManager
Posted by Christopher P. on July 18, 2015 03:03 PM

To keep your accounts and passwords stored in a secure location, it is recommended to use our on-premise Team Password Manager (or TPM). For ease-of-access, this software supports browser plugins to help make it easier to login to websites using your stored accounts and passwords.

You can use the links below to access the extension for the respective browser that you use.

This page offers a summary of instructions on how to download and install the extension. For more information, please see TPM's official support article here.

Step 1 - Download the Browser Extension




Step 2 - Connect it to our Instance

  1. Click on the extension icon, on the right hand side of the browser screen. The extension icon is gray because the extension is not yet connected:
  2. Fill in the following:
    • URL of our TPM instance* (the part before index.php)
    • Your TPM username and password
    • Optionally, if you want your password to be remembered for the next login ("Save password")
    • Optionally, choose to "Use archived passwords" if you want to fetch archived passwords to auto-fill forms
    • Optionally, "Offer to save web passwords" if you wish to use this feature.
  3. Click "Connect" to connect the extension:

* = For security reasons, the URL / access location for our TPM instance is not listed here on this page. If you have forgotten how to access it, please submit a ticket.

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